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The Alsteirer ranges in color patterns like white, cuckoo, partridge, and black breasted red. The hens are calm and lay a good number of medium to large white eggs with rarity of broodiness.  A hardy breed with a round body, the Altsteirer makes a good meat bird. An easy chicken to raise and a rare breed. Currently they are on the endangered chicken list. Help us and other Altsteirer breeders preserve this old world breed!

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The Altsteirer or Styrian hen is an ancient breed from the Styria region of Austria and Slovenia. It’s believed that the Altsteirer is one of the first chicken breeds in Europe, with its first record of existence traced to the 13th Century. It’s also believed that traits commonly associated with Mediterranean breeds, such as white earlobes, make it possible for the Altsteirer to be a foundational breed for many modern breeds.

Altsteirer Hens & Rooster

Altsteirer Hens & Rooster

Altsteirer Rooster

Altsteirer Rooster


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