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Malines Pullet

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Malines Pullet


We have pullets available from May - October, please contact us for quantities before purchasing. We require payment in full before pick-up.

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This is not a Pre-Sale, it a reservation of our available chicks and/or eggs. Sometimes we sell in person and don’t update our quantities quick enough, you will be reimbursed should this rare occasion happen.  You can place an order to reserve your birds or eggs via the product links on this website, or you can email or call us to pick your chicks and/or eggs at the farm.  Please be aware that Greenlands Farm is a working farm. We are very busy caring for our chickens and other animals, please understand there may be a delay in responding to your inquiries. 


All our birds will be vaccinated for Marek’s disease despite the fact that Marek’s vaccine is not 100% effective. It’s possible that vaccinated birds may later contract Marek’s if the disease is present on your property. We do not guarantee the life of your chick(s) after they leave our farm. No reimbursements will be made to loss of life.

About Pick-up

We'd love to share our farm with you, but we take our busy jobs and biosecurity very seriously. Although we do scheduled large group tours, we take measures to keep our breeding flocks separate to reduce the potential for inadvertent disease transmission during these tours. On a regular working farm day, we do not. We ask that you follow our specific instructions in the email you’ll receive for pick-up. Please respect our farm, flock, and home.

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