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Swedish Flower

This beautifully patterned chicken have a beautiful personality to match their looks. They are comfortable around their caretakers, calm, and loving. They are a hardy bird and roosters are non-aggressive. The hens are prolific layers and lay large to extra-large medium brown eggs.

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The Swedish Flower Hen, Swedish: Skånsk Blommehöna, is an endangered traditional Swedish breed of domestic chicken. The Blommehöna is characterised by its millefleur plumage pattern. The base color is variable, and may be black, blue, buff or red.

 The Blommehöna is a traditional farmyard breed of chicken from southern Sweden; the Swedish name indicates that it comes from the landskap of Skåne. It is the product of a mix of primitive breeds that were brought to Sweden by its settlers and conquerors. This breed came about through natural selection and unintentional pairings as the breed adapted to the region’s climate and condition in southern Sweden. This history lends it to a landrace: a domesticated, locally adapted, traditional variety that has developed over time, through adaptation to its natural and cultural environment of agriculture and pastoralism. It came close to extinction in the 1970’s and by the 1980’s fewer than 500 birds existed around the world, all due to the commercialization of Sweden’s poultry. A couple decades ago, recovery was based on three flocks found in the villages of Esarp [sv], Tofta and Vomb [sv], all in Skåne. A breeders' association, the Svenska Lanthönsklubben [sv], was formed. In 2014 a total population of 1592 was reported to the DAD-IS database of the FAO. Fifteen birds were exported to the United States in 2010. Today, about a thousand Swedish flower hens live in about fifty scattered flocks, and until Greenfire Farms began working with this breed, few if any could be found outside remote villages in Sweden.


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