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ELICIO Vin de Pays de Méditerranée Rosé (2018)


ELICIO Vin de Pays de Méditerranée Rosé (2018)


A bright pink color and a nose packed with fresh red fruit notes - currant and raspberry - for this wine, whose palate confirms the aromas revealed by the nose. Very fruit forward, this extreme value wine can be enjoyed with your everyday meals or by itself.

Grape: Cinsault
Geography: Rhône Valley, France
Appellation: Méditerranée
Alcohol by volume: 12.5%

About the Winemaker:
Caravinsérail is a wine story. The name echoes the caravansary of the desert, a propitious place for travelers to rest, meet and relax in a congenial atmosphere. In partnership with skilled winemakers, Xavier Logette (new owner) and Didier Robert (œnologist, manager of the Œnologist Office “ICV” in Beaumes de Venise) produce wines of quality and pleasure from grapes of the South of the Rhone valley and Languedoc terroirs. They range from light and easy wines at a very affordable price, to more elaborate and complex cuvees for special occasions.

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All these wines are hand selected and although we all have varying wine preferences, I generally pick wines that reach across preference bridges. You are also supporting a small farm where 5% of wine sales go to Helpers Of Our Farm, a nonprofit educational farm animal sanctuary located at Greenlands Farm.

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