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BODEGAS LATÚE La Mancha Airén (2018)


BODEGAS LATÚE La Mancha Airén (2018)


This wine has a bright yellow color with aromas of melon and green apple. It is fresh, fruity, with a persistent and lively finish. It makes a wonderful table wine.

Grape: Airén
Geography: Castilla-La Mancha, Spain
Appellation: La Mancha
Features: Organic
Alcohol by volume: 12.5%

About the Winemaker:
Bodegas Latúe began as San Isidro Cooperative in 1954. At that time 131 winegrowers were determined to produce wines to become commercialized over Spanish territories. Their commitment was demonstrated by maintaining regular attention to the vineyards and prioritizing product outcome with work needed regardless of the weather or geopolitical conditions. With the increased demand for their products, more than 50 years of experience and the growth of a great human team, in 2007 San Isidro implemented an “export” business model. In 2007, with growing interest in its products in wider inter- national markets, San Isidro Cooperative added “Bodegas Latúe” to its organizational title. This name represents the quality and environmental care that is a historical way of Bodegas Latúe doing business with international companies. Bodegas Latúe is a point of reference in the wine sector. This is no small measure a direct result of its experience producing organic / ecological wines while exceeding the latest technical standards.

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