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DOMAINE LOBERGER Gewurztraminer “Weingarten” (2016)


DOMAINE LOBERGER Gewurztraminer “Weingarten” (2016)


Great specialty of the region where this grape reaches the peaks of its aromatic expression. Offering a bouquet of spices, with aromas of lychees and exotic fruits. It pairs perfectly with smoked fish, strong cheese, and spicy foods.

Grapes: 100% Gewurztraminer
Aging: 12 months in stainless steel
Geography: Alsace, France
Appellation: Alsace
Alcohol by Volume: 12%

About the Winemaker:
Domaine Loberger grows 20 acres of superior vines in the strictest accordance with biodynamic agriculture. The estate is located in the small village of Bergholtz, nestled at the bottom of the Vosges hills – a great geological site and birthplace of the famous Alsace wines. In 1984, Jean-Jacques Loberger took over the estate and started farming biodynamically and naturally, adhering to the strictest standards: regular manual work of the soils, hand-harvests, and low yields, giving their wines perfect balance and uniqueness. The 20 acres of vineyards are divided over 3 miles and benefit from both southeast and southwest exposure. Most of the vines are located on the hillsides of Guebwiller, Bergholtz, and Bergholtz-et-Zell, at up to 1200 feet elevation. These vineyards are geologically very diversified and gather amazing locations such as Grands Crus Kitterle, Saering, and Spiegel, as well as “lieux-dits” Meissenberg, Schwarzberg, and Trottberg.

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