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Imagine hand crafted food made with produce harvested off a small farm in your area.  This produce has been grown from seed by a farmer who invests time, care, and knowledge to bring up each seedling organically with sustainable practices.  This farmer picks the produces, washes it with care, and hands it to a talented chef.  This chef loads it on a truck, drives the truck to you, and prepares a delicious creation like no other. You can stop imagining now…you’re at the right place: the Greenlands Farm Food Truck! Click the video below to learn more.

Greenlands Farm is a small sustainable organic homestead farm owned and operated by a three generational family, the Burkert Family.  We have been living a homestead lifestyle since the early 80’s, baking and making delicious healthy food in our farm kitchen.  Every day, freshly collected eggs and organic vegetables and fruits go into breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  With this much experience, I think you can trust us our food tastes good!  Not enough for you?  We take our farm’s fresh picked vegetables and preserve their taste in canned and pickled goods.  Still want more?! We combine our freshly baked breads and canned creations, plus our fresh and healthy farm produce into a bite to give your senses and palate and amazing experience.  You’ll be saying, “It’s sowed good!”.  

When you eat our farm’s good eats, you are supporting your farm that may be nearby or just a ways down the road. Small farms, like us, complete the circle of community with bringing rural foods to the city which contributes to a sustainable economy and to healthier foods. Did you know that food miles matter? How far your food travels affects both the environment and your health.  Local food systems offer many economic, environmental, and quality of life benefits that apply to businesses, residents, and our region as a whole. With our food truck we harvest from our fields, load it on the truck, and deliver to where you are!  

How are we going to get the word out about this truck and its great food? Social and internet media is a proven and great resource to connect our patrons to the Greenlands Farm Food Truck schedule.  We plan on serving local businesses, offices, festivals, and at Greenlands Farmstore.  Food trucks are a proven food source in our society and they’re not going away!  According to Statistic Brain Research Institute, the 2015 food truck industry was $1.2 million in sales and it’s still growing.  The millennium age group (18-40 years old) are spending the most dollars on better grade local foods than any other age group.  Our food truck fits their lifestyle and our local and pure offerings meet their ideologies.  

What kind of grub are we going to have?  Our menu would be driven by what’s being harvested out of our fields and orchards.  It will include our pork, humanely raised on our farm, eggs from our free range hens, honey from our bee hives, along with canned goods, breads, and sweets from our farm kitchen.  We have great experience in the food industry!  Greenlands Farm has served gourmet farm to fork meals on the farm since 2014.  Melon Corsini, a local accomplished chef and caterer, has prepared some amazing gourmet creations at our farm food events and she is excited and ready to drive the truck off the farm and serve great food out in the community.

The Food Truck Grub

  • Moroccan chicken salad with encrusted pistachio goat cheese croutons  
  • Chinese cabbage slaw Red cabbage slaw
  • Curried sweet potato chickpea lentil stew with chapattis
  • Honey drizzled fried goat cheese balls
  • Harissa and mint chicken burger with feta and carrot slaw
  • Scottish meat pie
  • Fresh Brunswick catch fish taco
  • Sweet potato hummus on a bed of lettuce and carrots served with Paleo caramelized onion flat bread
  • Homemade kimchi 
  • Mango quinoa salad
  • Pate and fried oyster sandwich with pickled vegetables
  • Vegetable samosas with dipping sauce
  • Hand formed buffalo burgers
  • Pork Rueben with organic homemade sauerkraut 

The Food Truck Sweet Feed

  • From scratch carrot cake
  • Homemade cookies
  • Fresh baked farm pies 

A Revolutionary Idea

We hope your mouth is watering and your mind is intrigued with this unique concept.  With your help, we can strengthen our food system by getting healthy and fresh food from our fields to the community.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to be a farmer or love the idea of cultivating and growing healthy food?  Farmers have passion, and that’s what we’ve got!  Because farming takes place in rural areas, it’s often challenging to get farm goods to the community.  This is a revolutionary idea…put the farm on wheels by linking locally grown foods to urban centers to bring back the connection to local farms!  

The Vision

The truck doesn’t just stop there!  The immediate vision of the Greenlands Farm Food Truck is to serve the local region of Brunswick and New Hanover Counties.  After success on the local front, we see great opportunity and room for growth.  This growth would provide new jobs and rural economic development by branching out with rural pop-up farms and additional trucks to serve other metropolitan areas.  This would provide an opportunity to new farmers that may never have the chance to start up a farm on their own and continue to spread great food across North Carolina. Here is an opportunity to invest in your food economy and a new kind of food truck…a true farm to fork endeavor that supports a local farm and your community. 

Ready to Get Involved?

Help us get the food truck rolling, literally! Help us to raise awareness of our new endevour by sharing our idea through social media (like and share our Facebook posts). Next, head over to our Go Fund Me Page and invest. We can't wait for you to join us in putting Greenlands Farm on wheels. Together, we can make organic, delicious food mobile. 

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