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About our Workshops and Classes

Throughout the year, we offer "On Greenlands Farm Workshops & Classes" about various aspects of gardening, farming, homesteading, nutrition, and cooking. Most workshops are held on the farm and are open to the public.  It is our goal to involve our community in our farm, to bring you educational experiences, and to share our knowledge with you.  Please join us for our workshops and classes offered every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month (unless special circumstances apply).  These dynamic and informative workshops and classes will have valuable information for everyone!  View our classes below the sign-up form.

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Thank you! We look forward to seeing you "On Greenlands Farm"!
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On Greenlands Farm: Classes & Workshops

June 15: Animal Husbandry Workshop

June 15: Animal Husbandry Workshop

June 15, 9am - 11.30am: Animal Husbandry Workshop

Are you an animal lover and interested in how our farm animals are care for? Then this is the workshop for you! Come learn and help us feed, groom, milk (our goat!), muck a stall (we won't make you sweat too much), and of course the thing that makes it all worth on our furry friends. 

This is lightly strenuous workshop and appropriate farm attire is required: 
- boots or close-toed shoes
- work clothes
- hats, gloves
- sunscreen
- water bottles

Animals we have on hand you may be working with:
- Equines: Horse, ponies, mini donkey
- Goats
- Sheep
- Pigs (micro and pot belly)
- Llama
- Chickens
- Turkeys

With the exception of our goats, chickens, and turkeys, all our farm animals are rescues or re-homed animals donated. We have created an animal sanctuary for these animals for the purpose of edcuation on rescued farm animals. We do this through our Saturday petting farm (open to the public), kids camps, tours, and workshops. These animals have an easy job but an important one to hopefully help save the lives of other farm animals by creating awareness. We love everyone of these guys and we hope you get to know them as well as we do!

This workshop $20 is for ages 13 - 99 and approximately 2.5 hours. All the proceeds from this workshop support our rescue farm animals. We hope you join us!

May 18: Tea Picking & Processing Class

May 18: Tea Picking & Processing Class

May 18, 9am - 11am: Tea Picking and Processing Class

Have fun picking tea leaves from Greenlands Farm's own tea plants and learn how we  process it to make green tea!  Pickers get to take home some tea. Registration is required and cost is $25 per person.


May 19: Detox Class

May 19: Detox Class

May 19, 10am- 11:30am: Detox Class with Beth Mincher CHHC

"Spring Cleaning Your Diet & Life"
Join Us for a class on Spring Seasonal Foods and the Importance of Spring Cleansing & Detoxing your body.
Your body is your home and spring is the perfect time to renew and recharge your diet and self care practices, as well as reshaping your intentions & thoughts.  Cleansing with whole, natural foods will strengthen your immune system and help reduce inflammation, leaving you feeling fresh and revitalized!   In this workshop, you will learn: how seasonal foods can support your digestion, how to identify and eliminate trigger foods that may be interfering with proper digestion & organ function, and how to detoxify all areas of your life naturally, plus you'll receive take-home recipes!
Call to register and cost is $5 to cover printing materials.


May 19: Gluten Free Baking

May 19: Gluten Free Baking

May 19, 1pm - 3pm: Gluten Free Baking

Heather Burkert is the instructor in a hands on baking experience of learning the mysteries of gluten free baking.  Recipes and sampling come along with it and cost is $25.00 per person.  Call to save your place!




May 21: Soap Making Class

May 21: Soap Making Class

May 21, 2pm - 4pm: Soap Making Class
Learn the art of making goat's milk soap.  You’ll start by milking the goat and end with a finished bar.  Call to register and the cost is $25 per person.  Included is a bar of soap to take home!

April 21st: Cooking with Elena

April 21st: Cooking with Elena

April 21st, 5pm - 6.30pm: Cooking with Elena

A North Carolinian born and bred, Elena is a writer, photographer, and author of the award-winning food blog, Elena lives on the coast with her husband and dog, baking pies, gardening, and celebrating the rich food heritage of the American South.

Elena also has a wonderful food blog that has caught the attention of a lot of people and other sites such as  

Visit her blog here:

From Elena about her blog: “What you’re likely to find here is a mixture of old and new, traditional and modern. But all Southern. The recipes and photographs are my hand, and they reflect what we are currently cooking, eating, and making. We are working to make our way back to the traditional style of Southern cooking and eating, the way of the frugal farmer. We emphasize fresh, local, seasonal ingredients; ingredients and methods that take a little more elbow grease but that provide a bounty of benefits. We strive to cook and eat the way my grandmother and her grandmother cooked and ate, and we live fuller and healthier lives for it.”

Elena has three cookbooks and will be featuring a recipe from her newest cook book, “The No Time to Cook! Book” and cooking with you!  She is a gem and we absolutely love her being a part of our farm’s family.  

Please join us for a fun and instructional class on April 21st from 5 – 6.30pm.  Class is $25 person.

  March 3rd: Seeds - Preparing for Your Spring & Summer Garden

  March 3rd: Seeds - Preparing for Your Spring & Summer Garden

March 3rd, 10am - 12pm: Seeds - Preparing for Your Spring & Summer Garden

Join Farmer Henry for an in depth teaching workshop on preparing your spring and summer garden and it all starts with seeds. 

This workshop includes basic seed concepts including timing of planting, ideal population sizes, preventing cross-pollination, selecting for improved varieties, seed maturation and harvest, and seed cleaning techniques. Henry teaches participants how to improve vegetable quality through careful seed selection and improvement. Participants also learn how to select for reproductive fitness, yield, disease resistance, and improved performance under adverse conditions. Participants gain knowledge in seed growing basics. Other topics of instruction include: the biology of seed production, seed harvesting and cleaning, and choosing appropriate seed crops for your system and climate. 

Henry is a charismatic character and a lot of fun to learn from. We know you’ll enjoy your time spent with him and the knowledge he has to share with you. Please stay for lunch in our café after your workshop. We have a wonderful selection of ready-to-go sandwiches and salads, many made with vegetables from our farm!

Cost: $15
Time: March 3rd, 10am - 12pm

March 3rd: All About Orchids

March 3rd: All About Orchids

March 3rd, 1pm - 3pm: All About Orchids Class

Join Lynnwood Stephens for an in depth class on caring for Orchids. This workshop includes basic orchid care concepts including repotting, planting mixes, container selection, lighting requirements, temperature variations, fertilization and watering. A 2 1/2" Orchid seedling, Orchid pot and Orchid mix are included in the price of the class. 

Lynnwood Stephens grew his first orchids in 1959, as a gardener for Leon Faulk of Pittsburgh, PA. Since that time he has grown orchids in Boca Raton, Charleston, and locally in Southport. He won his first award in 1964 and gave his first speech in 1965. Learn from Lynwoods knowledge and over 50 years of experience. We know you’ll enjoy your time spent with him. 

Consider coming early for our lunch special ( gourmet sandwich, side and drink, $10) in our café before your class. You can pre-order lunch and reserve a place at the class at 910-253-7934. Payment due at time of reservation.

Cost: $55 for Class, $65 for Class and Lunch Special
Time: March 3rd, 1pm - 3pm

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