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Educational Farm Animal Sanctuary

A nonprofit organization centered around education and providing a sanctuary for rescued, donated, and in-need farm animals.


Greenlands Farm started a rescue petting farm in 2011 with a vision to provide a sanctuary to farm animals and an educational platform for the community.  Whether adopted from other rescue organizations, donated from owners, or taking in an animal because the farm could provide a good home, these animals are now a part of our farm and have a new life.  Family and friends of Greenlands Farm established Helpers of Our Farm (HOOF), a not for profit organization that supports these rescued animals and the education and services they provide.  We are "Helpers of Our Farm" not only because these animals depend on humans to help them, but also because these animals help us by teaching us how to love, care, and learn from them.  They perform an important task of educating visitors during our tours, farm classes, and fundraiser events.  The goal has always been to integrate education into the lives of our community through the lives of these animals.  

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